Topher Danial


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What is one thing you love about working at Bovitz/ION/Communify?

No two days are the same! We work with clients across so many industries that we’re challenged to use our skills in several different ways, all at the same time. It also feels great to be part of a team that’s so passionate about diverse and inclusive storytelling. Everyone brings individual perspectives to the table, and everyone is heard.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by imagination in any form—books, movies, music, and art, but books have always been special to me. I’m drawn to long, winding adventures that leave a reader totally exhausted and transformed. I’m most inspired to write when I’ve recently been moved by a good book or film, so I make sure to refill the well often.

Tell me about a life-changing experience you’ve had.

I’m a survivor of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I was diagnosed a few months after graduating college, and it took the wind out of my sails for a while. But after going through treatment, I was happy to realize I still wanted the same things—to be a writer and to eventually publish books. Going through something like that and coming out much the same person affirmed that I was on the right path.

What's something that people are surprised to learn about you?

If any of these things are surprising to people, no one has ever said so to my face. But here are some potentially interesting tidbits: I love to write fiction for young people (and occasional short fiction for adults). I’m pretty good with a bow and arrow. I’m a self-taught baker. I’m a first-generation Palestinian American, and staying connected to my family and culture through food, music, and language is a big focus in my life.

Why is being people-first important to you?

If it’s not about the people, how can it be for the people? It’s important that we embody the values we promote in our work—the bulk of which focuses on unity, equity, and community. Operating by the mantra “people first” is a reminder to always step back and ask how my approach to a project or situation is ultimately going to serve a greater purpose. That’s a habit I can bring into how I work, how I communicate with others, and even in how I talk to myself.

In the Industry: Since placeholder

At Bovitz: Since 2023

Education: Bachelor of Arts degree as an English Writing major from Loyola University of New Orleans

His best quality: Placeholder