What's your favorite type of research project to work on?

I like strategic research that has big open-ended questions. I like to use research to help clients chart the path of their business. These types of projects can be an open-ended challenge, without a defined set of steps, so you really have to think about how to approach them strategically.

What's one thing you love about working at Bovitz?

We say we are people-first, and I feel like we mean it. We live what we preach. Everyone here is passionate about what they do, they work really hard, and they’re all really smart; they’re not just going through the motions. They always want to learn and grow and figure out better ways to do things, and I don’t think you find that everywhere. After leaving Bovitz for a few years then coming back, it was a really good feeling to be re-immersed in the people and the culture. It very much felt like coming home.

Do you have a hero?

It sounds cliché, but my son is my hero. He teaches me so much every day about how to be unapologetically who you are, enjoy the moment, go with the flow, and love fiercely.

What's one aspect of your life philosophy?

I’m always striving for balance in my life. So, for work-life balance, when I’m with my son, I am fully present with him, and when I’m at work, I am fully present at work. And while I make time for all the various priorities in my life, I also try to find time for myself. In that time, I like to bake, do yoga, go to the beach, and spend time with friends and family.

Why is being people-first important to you?

Keeping our “people first” mantra in mind keeps us honest. It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers, but being “people first” forces us to think about the people behind the numbers. It reminds us to think not of “respondents” to a survey but actual people and consumers with important opinions. That allows us to truly reflect how they feel in our insights and not just present the numbers. That’s the whole art and science of research—the science is the numbers, but the art is our interpretation of those numbers as people with real opinions.

What's one way that you're the same as your childhood self?

I was always very inquisitive, curious, and observant. And I’ve also always loved mint chocolate chip ice cream and Broadway shows.

Tell me about a life-changing experience you’ve had.

Nothing has been more life-changing for me than becoming a mother. I feel like it enabled me to finally become the person I was always meant to be—as cliché as that sounds. I’m more confident, more hard-working, and better at time management. And better at relationships—you’re practicing patience, empathy, and conflict resolution all the time when you have a kid. Being a mother has given me more perspective on what’s important and helped me be able to prioritize.

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would it be?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. I would choose The Rock because he seamlessly balances being an extremely successful movie star, having a beautiful family, and traveling constantly; he does it all, with a lot of grace, kindness, and generosity. He has such a presence and charisma like no other, and people want to be around him because of it. It would be neat to experience that.

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