We find it unacceptable how often that voice is ignored in favor of the bottom line—when in reality, profits and people’s needs don’t need to be on opposing teams. So, we’re forging a new path with a new mentality—one that’s better for businesses and people alike.

This new path starts with a simple mantra: people first. In our industry, that’s a radical idea. It makes us different from every other research and strategy firm—the ones that look more at the business side of problems and not the human side. They’re not as focused on creating real value in people’s lives. We are, and that makes all the difference in how we work.

To give people a voice so powerful that their stories change the course of business decisions.

To lead a paradigm shift in the way the business world thinks about the path to profit, in which growth is only achieved by truly addressing people’s needs.

We’re honest.

We tell it like it is, and we make truth an advantage.

We’re empathetic.

We make it our responsibility to see others’ perspectives and act on them.

We’re daring.

We put ourselves out there, and we push the envelope when we believe it’s right.

We’re all-in.

We’re committed to your cause, and we’ll own it as if it’s our own.

In essence, our philosophy focuses on better. Because let’s get one thing straight: bigger is not better. Better is better. We want to see companies succeed and stock prices get higher because they’re providing meaningful value to people’s lives. We want to see companies get better—not just bigger.

And going from bigger to better means shifting your focus to people.

When you focus on people, you break free from your corporate office and dive into the real world. You toss aside constraints, give yourself a blank slate, and start to see things for what they really are. You discover what people really need from you and the value you could bring to their lives. You open yourself up to truly being better.

And when you design better products, better experiences, better memories, you still get bigger as all of our lives get better. Everyone wins.